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Blog Posts in May, 2017

Bringing Charges Against the Victim's Wishes

Can charges brought against a victim's wishes be dropped? Brendan Bukalski on Ask the Lawyer answers this question in detail: ...
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Understanding Arraignments and Pre-trials

What are arraignments and pre-trials? Brendan Bukalski on Ask the Lawyer navigates these terms and what they mean for a criminal case: ...
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Suggestions for Interpreting a Contract

A small business owner was nearly sued over an issue where an attorney wasn't used for a contract. Brendan Bukalski on Ask the Lawyer discusses "princples" used when interpreting a ...
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Understanding the Different Types of Theft

There are numerous types of theft. For example, is keeping a crumpled up $20 bill found at a local park theft? Brendan Bukalski on Ask the Lawyer discusses this and two other theft examples on this ...
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