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Blog Posts in October, 2017

How Out-of-State Divorces are Recognized

Typically, when a divorce is an ex parte divorce, and the other party – or the defendant – in the divorce wishes to have the case revisited, that person can do so in a different ...
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A Few Notes on Bonded Companies, Old Checks

A “bond” basically gives a guarantee. Bonds are normally money that someone gives to someone, and it is held until it is paid out to someone. In today's article, Brendan Bukalski on ...
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Looking at Trends Concerning Property Liability

There are many questions concerning property liability; for example, what is the liability of someone who owns land which the public uses? Brendan Bukalski on Ask the Lawyer, discusses property ...
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How Suspects are Identified and Challenged

A line-up occurs when an eye-witness witnessed a crime. The police have several people stand side by side while holding numbers and an eye-witness selects the number of the person they saw perpetrate ...
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