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State v. JE


Our client was charged in one felony case with Conspiracy to Commit a Robbery of a Financial Institution, felony Disorderly Conduct after a Bomb Threat, in another felony case with Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance, and with a Petition to Revoke her probation for an earlier felony Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance. Needless to say, the State wanted only prison time, and wouldn't be satisified with anything less after she and a co-defendant allegedly phoned in a bomb threat trying to rob a bank! We worked together as part of a team, built an airtight strategy, and immediately got to work. In the end, our client's co-defendant, who was represented by another attorney, went to prison, while our client was sentenced to probation for everything, and time served!

State v. SM


Our client had a serious drug problem. In just a few months, she had picked up a DUI, major traffic, and 4 felony cases, some for felonies related to possession of controlled substances and delivery of controlled substances, and some of these cases required a prison sentence. She faced more than a decade in prison, and, to make matters worse, the sentence on the cases would have to be served consecutively, meaning she would have to serve them one after the other, instead of all together. We worked together, formed a strategy, but after convincing the State to dismiss the felony counts that required a prison sentence, they refused to dismiss any other felonies. We had to leave our client's fate up to a judge. Thanks to our strategy and effort, our client got time-served, was sentenced to probation, and never went to prison!

State v. KB


Our client had been arrested on several felonies, some of which required a prison sentence, and, because they were committed while he was out on bond, they were all consecutive to each other. The State wanted nothing but blood. We put to work a strategy and airtight defense, and successfully talked the State into dismissing all but 3 of the felonies. However, the State was not willing to agree to probation. We had to leave the sentence up to the judge, which was risky, but with the strategy we formulated, better than a mandatory prison sentence had we not talked the State into what we did. Result: our client received credit for time-served, never went to prison, and got probation instead on all of the felony cases!

State v. GS


Our client was driving at a time his license was suspended and was stopped for speeding. To make matters worse, police discovered cocaine in the car, resulting in our client facing felony charges as well as the traffic offenses. Because of our client's significant criminal history that included drug offenses, the State would have been more than happy with a lengthy prison sentence. However, we were able to talk the State into agreeing to probation and 90 days jail, instead of the prison sentence they originally wanted! Unfortunately, our client decided to hire another attorney because he did not want to serve any time, and, unfortunately with this other attorney, he was sentenced to more than one year in prison. The lesson here is when you hire the best, stick with the best.

State v. VR


Our client was charged with 6 counts related to possession of drugs with intent to deliver, and faced a minimum sentence of 6 to 30 years in prison because of the seriousness of the offenses. Our client was only a kid, and had no other significant criminal history. The State would only settle for prison, and even made our client pay $50,000 to get out of jail. We worked as a team, and realized before the State did that there were problems with the case that could help us.

Result: 5 months after being hired, we were successful in getting the case dismissed entirely!

State v. JS


Our client was charged with some pretty bad counts involving felony Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse after he had sex with a 14 year-old girl at a time when he was 28 years-old. To make matters worse for our client, he was on felony probation at the time. The alleged victim's family and the State was out for blood, and only wanted years and years in prison. We got to work right away, and, with our client's future at stake, we had no choice but to leave matters up to the judge.

Result: Probation, and no jail!

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