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Charged with Drug Possession in Illinois?

Defend Your Future with Our Experienced Bloomington Criminal Lawyers

Drugs often lead to many other problems and crimes throughout the country, so law enforcement has taken serious measures to crack down on offenders. Simply having ownership of an illegal controlled substances is considered a crime in Illinois. If charged with drug possession, you need an attorney willing to fight for the protection of your rights.

At Johnson Law Group, our Bloomington drug crimes lawyers work tirelessly for each client we encounter. Your concerns matter to us and we will do whatever we can to secure a favorable outcome. Even if this is your first offense, why take chances with something that could permanently impact your future?

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What defenses do I have to a drug possession charge?

There is truly nothing worse than being convicted of a crime you didn’t commit. Sadly enough, this is often the case for drug possession offenses. Many individuals are unaware that they were involved in a crime or that there were any drugs on their person to begin with. Whatever your circumstances, a strong defense is foundational the outcome of your case.

We may be able to utilize the following defense strategies:

  • Lack of knowledge or awareness
  • Insanity
  • Use of prescription medicine
  • Possession because of prior threats
  • Entrapment

We will take special care to meticulously research the evidence surrounding your case. From witness interviews to assessing the police records, every piece of information can be useful for our strategy. Illinois punishes offenders harshly and penalties can include incarceration, restitution, and fines. We are committed to proactively fighting these consequences on your behalf.

No matter what your circumstances, Johnson Law Group is here for you. Obtain aggressive legal advocacy by contacting one of our Bloomington drug crimes attorneys today!