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Illinois State University Criminal Defense Attorneys

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At Johnson Law Group, our criminal defense lawyers represent students at Illinois State University (ISU) who have been accused or convicted of crimes that could affect their college career and future, such as drug possession or drunk driving.

We understand the types of consequences that can be associated with a criminal charge, and we are dedicated to standing by your side to defend your rights. Our firm is tireless in our pursuit of a favorable outcome on your behalf.

To schedule an appointment, contact us today. No matter the challenges you or your child face, our Illinois State University criminal defense lawyers fight to win.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Bloomington

Our criminal defense attorneys have years of experience representing ISU students who have been charged with criminal offenses, including but not limited to:

The penalties for conviction of these crimes can be severe and last long into the future. For example, a felony drug conviction can cause a student to lose federal financial aid eligibility, which could prevent him or her from finishing college. Moreover, some universities have ethics committees on campus, which may consider suspension from school in the face of certain criminal convictions. Even if the student is able to finish his or her education, the resulting criminal record may prevent him or her from obtaining gainful employment.

We can aggressively build a defense on your behalf to help avoid conviction, or to minimize the charges against you through a plea to a lesser charge that does not carry severe penalties. In some cases, if conviction is unavoidable, our Illinois State University criminal defense lawyers may be able to secure alternative sentencing options to avoid jail time and other consequences, and seek options to minimize the effects of the conviction on your future.

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Our ISU criminal defense attorneys are ready to help when you or your college-aged child has been charged with a criminal offense. We utilize experience honed by nearly 100 years of combined in the legal field, and we work to defend your rights through every step of the process. During your free initial consultation, we can discuss your case with you, explaining your rights and options, as well as our strategy. Whether we can negotiate a plea out of court, or must take your case to trial, you can expect our firm to be by your side from beginning to end.