Common Penalties Served to Illinois Convicts

If you are an Illinois resident who has been arrested for a crime, then you may be facing a variety of different penalties. Depending on your crime and the circumstances surrounding the offense, you may be forced to endure a severe sentence. Illinois often uses the penalty of extended term to punish individuals that have been charged with more than one crime. For example, if a person committed a murder in connection with a robbery may get an extended term to accommodate a punishment for both crimes.

Illinois also permits some convicts to go on probation. The most serious violent crimes may not be eligible for probation, but misdemeanors and some low-class felonies will often lead to probation. A probationer is watched by a probation officer and monitor post-release from prison or jail. Sometimes parole involves a period of mandatory supervised release. This is a penalty that is normally given to individuals who have served a prison term for a felony.

According to the Illinois courts, a person ho is convicted of a serious sex crime will need to serve at least three years of MSR, and a person who is convicted of a felony or aggravated battery, or a felony violation of an order of protection must serve four years of MSR. Also, individuals that have been convicted of criminal sexual abuse of a person under the age of 18 will need to serve four years of MSR with the first two years under electric home detention.

Individuals in Illinois may also be compelled to pay a fine with a penalty in addition to their prison or jail sentence as well. For very serious felonies or habitual criminal crimes, Illinois upholds the death penalty and will also sentence offenders to a life in prison. If you want more information about penalties served to Illinois criminals, or if you have been accused of a crime and now want to seek assistance in your case. A Peoria criminal defense attorney at Johnson Law Group may be able to help you with your case and even prove your innocence! Hire the firm today to learn more!