Man's Aggravated DUI Trial to Remain in Livingston County

A man was charged with reckless homicide and aggravated driving under the influence in October 2013, when his pickup truck collided with a parked squad car. The accident took place in Pontiac, South Carolina as a result of the defendant's alleged drunk driving. Tragically, it resulted in the death of a police officer and his K-9. The man's trial is to be held in Livingston County.

The accused's defense attorney has attempted to see the trial moved outside of the county where the accident happened. He argued that media coverage of the incident has led to a bias in the community that would prohibit a fair trial, citing a survey where 114 out of 150 people showed a predisposition to consider his clients guilty.

In spite of these claims, Judge Robert Travers ruled against the motion. He pointed out that the survey was not conducted in a manner that would produce accurate results according to scientific and academic standards. He also noted that the survey size was not sufficient to account for the 38,000 residents of Livingston County. The pretrial hearing will be held, as planned, on August 26.

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