McLean County Policy Requires Blood Samples for DUI Arrests

A new policy has been implemented in McLean County this summer requiring drivers who are suspected of being heavily intoxicated to provide a blood sample to the arresting officer. This policy was drafted by Jason Chambers, the McLean County State's Attorney. Law enforcement officers can seek a warrant from a judge that orders an alleged drunk driver to provide a sample as part of the arresting procedure if the driver refuses to submit to sobriety tests. Some of the individuals who are most likely to be the subject of a warrant are individuals with multiple arrests or those who are exhibiting signs of heavy impairment.

What set this new policy forth was the high number of fatal traffic accidents that have occurred since 2012 in McLean County. The goal is to make further efforts to decrease the number of DUI-related injuries and deaths. Many sheriffs and police officers are supportive of this measure which they believe can assist in the prosecution of drunk drivers.

If drivers refuse to submit to the blood samples, they will likely face a number of serious consequences. Noncompliance will be included in their report, which will then be submitted to the State's Attorney's Office. With this new policy set in place, the strength of the defense attorney's claim on behalf of the client will need to be stronger than ever.

After being charged with a DUI in McLean County or being required to submit a blood sample, you will need to ensure that you have knowledgeable legal counsel available. Do not hesitate to speak with an experienced Peoria criminal defense lawyer from our firm before taking any type of action.

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