Charges Filed Against Accused Hit-and-Run Driver

In January, a student from Illinois State University was killed as the result of a hit-and-run accident. The young man accused of the incident is now facing new charges as a result. He was originally charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident, but is now indicted on charges of leaving the scene of an accident involving a death and aggravated driving under the influence of marijuana.

The alleged offender hit the victim near a crosswalk. The victim's injuries resulted in his death many days after the accident. The offender is represented by an attorney at Johnson Law Group, who recently requested that his client's bail be lowered. The bail is currently held at $75,000 and $7,525 must be posted for the suspect to be released.

While the suspect did admit to drinking alcohol prior to the accident, his charges are on the grounds of driving under the influence of marijuana. An arraignment and bond hearing are taking place February 13.