Attorneys from Johnson Law Group Discuss Wrongful Convictions on WMBD

Not all convictions are deserved. Every year, numerous individuals are wrongfully convicted of serious felonies. These wrongful convictions take away that person's right to vote, join the military, provide financial support for their children, find a decent job, and more. Johnson Law Group recently explained this problem—and its solution—in an interview on WMBD.

In the interview, attorneys from Johnson Law Group explained the devastating effect that a wrongful conviction can have on a person's life, and then explained their firm's dedication to helping clients petition to have their unconstitutional convictions vacated by a judge.

By law, judges must vacate any conviction that is unconstitutional. At Johnson Law Group, our Springfield criminal defense attorneys know this and can guide you step by step through the petition process if you need to have a wrongful conviction erased.

View the full TV interview with WMBD by clicking here.

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