Attorneys from Johnson Law Group Featured on WMBD

In a recent news segment, Attorneys Brendan Bukalski and James Walker were interviewed by WMBD regarding the reversal of wrongful felony conviction. There are numerous individuals throughout Illinois who have been wrongfully convicted of felonies, making it impossible for those people to vote, join the military, provide financial support for their children, and much more. Johnson Law Group is dedicated to helping people file petitions to have their wrongful convictions reversed.

In the interview, the Peoria criminal attorneys explain how wrongful felony convictions affect the lives of their clients, as well as their clients' rights and how the firm protects those rights. Judges are required by law to vacate unconstitutional convictions. Johnson Law Group helps bring petitions before the court in order to get that done.

Petition to Have Your Wrongful Conviction Expunged

Contact Johnson Law Group right away if you have a wrongful felony conviction on your criminal record. Our attorneys know your rights and can represent you as you petition to have your record expunged. Call (309) 565-8825 today to set up your free initial consultation.