WMBD Interviews Johnson Law Group Attorneys Regarding Wrongful Felony Convictions

Every year, there are individuals who are wrongfully convicted of serious felonies and weapons offenses. These felony convictions can prevent a person from voting, serving in the military, paying for their child's financial needs, finding a good job, and much more. Unfortunately, many of these people do not know that there is a way to have their wrongful conviction erased.

Johnson Law Group was recently featured on WMBD, where our attorneys were each interviewed on the aforementioned issue. The attorneys explained how damaging wrongful convictions can be to a person's life and how the firm helps clients petition to have their unconstitutional convictions vacated.

By law, judges must vacate unconstitutional convictions. Johnson Law Group helps clients petition to have that happen and fights for the rights of each client.

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Contact Johnson Law Group right away if you have been wrongfully convicted. Our Decatur criminal lawyers know your rights and can guide you through the petition process. With our help, your unconstitutional conviction could be erased and you could be free to live your life like you did before you were convicted! Call now at (309) 565-8825 to get started.