Attorney Brendan Bukalski Prepares DUI Fatality Case for Trial

As September quickly approaches, Brendan Bukalski of Johnson Law Group sets a fatality case for trial which is scheduled to take place on the 22nd of that month. The defendant being tried is a 22 year old Illinois State University student who was charged with aggravated driving under the influence back in January.

Hit-and-Run Accident Results in Death

The offense involved a hit-and-run accident which ultimately resulted in the death of a fellow ISU student. Although the accident occurred early in the morning of January 24, motorists and police officers did not come across the victim in the street until 8:30 AM that same day.

The defendant pleaded guilty to failure to report to an accident involving a fatality. An additional count for failure to report to an accident with injury, however, was dismissed. Police reports indicate that the defendant admitted to attending a party the night before the accident where he did in fact consume alcohol.

Later in the afternoon on January 24, investigators found the vehicle that was allegedly involved in the accident. At first, the defendant said that he did not know how the car’s windshield was shattered. Additional reports said that the defendant appeared to have been drinking.

Attorney Bukalski has been working tirelessly on the details of this case in order to give his client the best possible outcome. With his many years of experience and track record of success, Attorney Bukalski looks forward to the September trial with confidence.