Does My Attorney's Experience Matter in a Criminal Case?

The short answer is yes. When it comes to a criminal case, the result can often depend on an attorney's experience. That experience can come both in terms of the practice of law and the rapport that the attorney has with others.

Representing a client in a criminal case means first and foremost protecting that client's liberty by keeping the client out of jail or prison. Doing so can sometimes be a hard thing, but familiarity with the law, familiarity with the manner in which criminal cases are handled in a particular county, and comfort being in court with all the resources of the state against you can make or break whether a person keeps his or her liberty. Every attorney with Johnson Law Group has been handpicked, sought for their experience and skill, among other things, and we have more than 100 years in combined experience practicing law.

By handling nearly exclusively criminal cases, we guarantee that our attorneys are in the best possible position to always stay on top of the law. By being structured the way we are, we make sure all of our attorneys receive regular updates on new appellate court cases that are decided and new laws that are passed. By having offices all over central Illinois, we guarantee that our attorneys are familiar with the particular nuances of every county in which we practice. But we have an additional advantage not every criminal defense attorney can claim.

By and large, we are all former prosecutors, which gives our attorneys a unique advantage. First, as former prosecutors, we know how the prosecution thinks, and knowing before one walks into court how a prosecutor will approach a particular case can often help make the difference in protecting a client's liberty and future. Secondly, by being former prosecutors, we are accustomed to being in a courtroom. Unlike so many attorneys who are not in court regularly or who do not really appear in hearings and trials regularly, we are accustomed to and comfortable in a courtroom, routinely handling all kinds of hearings and trials.

Another aspect of experience that helps get results for our clients is the rapport we have with others in the system. There are instances in which a case will be all or nothing, and instances in which we have to be able to work out an outcome. By having the respect of our peers and the prosecutors with whom we deal, we are able to get the best possible results for our clients, not just making them happy, but also protecting their liberty.

In the end, not all attorneys are made equal. Sadly, too many attorneys claim to handle criminal cases when their record and actual experience is wanting. Anyone charged with a crime needs the help that comes with having more than 100 years of combined experience handling criminal cases that Johnson Law Group offers. We put that experience to work for each and every one of our clients, and we get results.

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