How Can Johnson Law Group Help Me with My Battery Case (Misdemeanor, Felony, or Domestic)?

Battery under Illinois law can come in several forms. To begin with, there are two kinds of battery under Illinois law. The first involves bodily harm, which can amount to almost any physical contact that results in an injury, while the second involves any physical contact that a reasonable person would find insulting or provoking, which could be something as simple as poking someone in the chest as you might see in a movie or television show. These kinds of battery can be charged as misdemeanors, as felonies, if certain other factors are present, such as it occurs in a public place, or in the form of a Domestic Battery, which requires that the offense allegedly be committed against a person who is a family or household member. (It might be of interest to note that "family or household member" can include even prior roommates, and does not require someone to be related by blood or by marriage.)

Whenever someone is charged with battery, there is always more to the case. Rarely do physical confrontations occur, and there is not a disagreement as to what actually transpired. For example, take your classical bar fight. Typically speaking, each person involved in the fight will have a different version of what happened. Similarly, even Domestic Battery offenses rarely result from circumstances on which everyone can agree.

Whenever someone is charged with a battery offense, only a skilled lawyer can really help beat the charge. Part of the reason for this is that stories change over time, and a skilled lawyer is needed in order to cross-examine any witness who would testify against his or her client. At Johnson Law Group, we hand-picked our lawyers, so that our office is filled with experienced litigators, who give real meaning to that word, not just lip service.

Johnson Law Group also has private investigators available at our disposal when we need them, as opposed to waiting for them to be free like other lawyers and law firms have to. Most readers would be surprised to learn that a witness simply changing his or her story is often not enough at a trial. There are lots of ways Illinois law lets prosecutors use statements that were previously made under certain circumstances when a witness tells a different story on the stand. Similarly, locking a witness into a particular statement takes more than just a simple conversation, and this is where private investigators come in. Our private investigators can get witness statements recorded for purposes of using them in court the way that the prosecution gets to.

Using our resources, we have been successful in getting all kinds of charges dismissed and amended, not to mention avoided jail and prison. Our team of lawyers and investigators is here to help 24 hours a day with every resource we have at our disposal. We are here to help anyone who is charged or who has a loved one charged with an offense.

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