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Domestic Violence Accusations

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A violent crime can be escalated if its alleged victim personally knows or lives with the perpetrator. This is known as domestic violence, and it can carry penalties much greater than an identical crime carried out against a victim who is not a family or household member.

Familial roles of the victim that can trigger a domestic violence accusation include:

  • Spouse (current or ex)
  • Anyone with a blood relation (parents, children, etc.)
  • Roommates (current or recent)
  • Lovers, romantic interests, and fiancés
  • Anyone who shares a child with offender
  • Caregivers or in-home caretakers

If any of the aforementioned people have accused you of committing a crime that harmed or was against them, you must be aware that your rights have already been significantly diminished. You need to act quickly if you want to fight for them and keep your reputation intact. Call Johnson Law Grouptoday to request a free initial consultation with our Bloomington criminal defense lawyers.

Orders of Protection Used Offensively

Domestic violence accusations are unique to most other criminal cases because they permit the accuser to immediately seek out an order of protection against the alleged offender. There is no need for any trial or legal process to be completed before they can decide to get an order of protection, or a restraining order, effectively allowing them to damage the accused’s reputation without any chance to defend themselves.

Some orders of protection can be contested in court but others cannot, known as emergency orders of protection. These are granted when the petitioner claims that immediate harm will come to them if the alleged abuser discovers they sought administrative protection.

If someone files an order of protection against you, you may have to:

  • Stay a certain distance away from them.
  • Leave your shared residence.
  • Surrender your firearms to the police.
  • See your shared children under specified circumstances.

No-Cost, No-Obligation Consultations are Available

Domestic violence accusations have become notorious for being based on falsified claims, sheer exaggerations, or simple misunderstandings. When you let our Bloomington criminal defense attorneys review and handle your case, we can thoroughly analyze your claims to identify any information being used by the prosecution that could be exploited to your advantage. We will not back down for any reason because we know your future is on the line.

Time is of the essence when a protection order could be heading your way. Contact us today.


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