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Post-Conviction Evaluations

Our Bloomington Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Review and Clean Your Record

After you have been convicted of a crime, there is actually a surprisingly large number of legal options you can explore to find post-conviction relief. As each option is dependent and may alter based on the crime for which you have been convicted, choosing the correct choice for you can become complicated.

At Johnson Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys in Normal offer a unique service we call a post-conviction evaluation, during which we study your case and conviction thoroughly to determine the post-conviction relief that makes the most sense for you.

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Finding the Right Legal Remedy for You

Were you convicted for a drug possession misdemeanor? Perhaps you now have a gun offense on your record? No matter what has happened in the past, we can use over 100 years of combined legal and trial experience to bring you to the conclusion, and the future, stability, you are seeking.

Some of the most common forms of post-conviction relief include:

  1. Appeals: We may file an appeal with an appellate court to go over the trial and proceedings that led to your conviction. Depending on the information available, we may move for the appellate judges to either challenge the conviction or the sentencing related to it.
  2. Writs: Whereas an appeal can be viewed as reaching from a lower court to a higher one, a writ is somewhat opposite, as it involves an order directly from a higher court down to a lower court. Writs can also be given directly to a member of government personnel. In your case, we will want to seek a writ that orders the court handling your case to move for dismissal or further review.
  3. Sentence modification: No sentence is set in metaphorical stone, and any can be altered with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney, even if you have already begun the sentencing. You will need to show that some sort of error happened in the original trial, or that new factors have come up that should influence the judge’s decision in your favor.
  4. Judicial release: In some states, a judge can actually order a convicted individual to be released from incarceration before their sentence ends. This involves filing a Motion for Judicial Release that goes over the reasons as to why you should be freed early, so to speak. In most cases, you will need to show that you have made efforts to improve yourself and wish to benefit society.

Challenge Your Conviction with Johnson Law Group

Our Bloomington criminal defense attorneys are persistent in their pursuit of justice for our clients, either tenaciously handling cases as they come up, or coming to their side after a conviction. Allow us to use our post-conviction evaluation process to find a solution that works for you and restores your sense of wellbeing.

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