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In addition to prison time, one of the most devastating consequences of an embezzlement conviction is the damage it does to a person's professional reputation. At Johnson Law Group, our experienced Bloomington, IL criminal defense lawyers provide aggressive, ethical representation to anyone facing serious embezzlement charges in the Normal area and throughout the rest of central Illinois.

If you are facing embezzlement charges, you might be unsure of who you can turn to for help. Our white collar defense attorneys are recognized throughout central Illinois for providing high-caliber criminal defense and outstanding client service. We will do everything in our power to help reduce or eliminate your charges or obtain a not guilty verdict. With over 10 decades combined in the legal field, we realize what is at stake, so we use all of our resources to see that your rights are protected and that we put forth the best defense possible.

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What is embezzlement?

Johnson Law Group is a white collar crime defense law firm that is comprised of many talented defense attorneys with impressive records of success. You have the right to put your case in the hands of lawyers you trust and who will fight hard on your behalf.

Speak with our firm today if you are faced with embezzlement or other white collar crime charges stemming from:

  • Misappropriation or misallocation of funds
  • Using money for an inappropriate purpose
  • Stealing deposits or refunds
  • Using client funds for yourself
  • Recording incorrect tax amounts and pocketing the difference
  • Diverting funds from one project to another
  • Failing to complete work that has been paid for

Our firm's legal team consists of legal professionals who are former prosecutors and law enforcement officers, giving us a unique understanding of the criminal justice system. We know what officials and prosecutors look for in seeking out a conviction, and we know what strategies can help counteract these attempts. Allow our firm to put you best interests as our top priority as we work towards a favorable resolution on your behalf.

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