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Field sobriety tests are a series of different exercises that police officers request of DUI suspects to help confirm or deny the suspicion that the individual is intoxicated. Contrary to popular belief, field sobriety tests are not mandatory. Suspects can politely refuse to take the field sobriety test without running the risk of additional penalties. Most of the time, it is wisest to decline to take field sobriety tests, as they may be used against you after you arrest. There are two different categories of field sobriety tests that can be used in a traffic stop.

Standardized Tests

These are field sobriety tests that have been approved and are regulated by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. The tests have been modified so that they will be more accurate. These tests include the one leg stand, the walk and turn, and the horizontal gaze nystagmus test.

This is a test that measures nyastigmus or the jerking of the eyeballs. Often when individuals are intoxicated, they cannot control their eye movements. The officer will ask you to stand still and keep your head fixed while using your eyes to follow a small object, such as the end of a pen, with your eyes. The NHTSA says that this is the most scientific of the three standardized tests use in Illinois.

Non-Standardized Tests

While the NHTSA only regulates and approves three tests for police officers to use during a traffic stop, there are other exercises that are commonly used. Police often use a test which requires individuals to stand with their feet together and tip their head backwards. In this test, the police are measuring a person's ability to balance.

Also, the police will ask a suspect to count the number of fingers that the officer raises, or recite a portion of the alphabet. Sometimes police officers also ask a driver to count backwards. While these tests seem basic, nervous suspects may answer the questions wrong, even if they are not intoxicated. Nerves can get the better of a driver, causing him or her to make mistakes.

Some officers also administer the Rhomberg stationary balance test. This test requires suspects to stand with their feet together and head back while holding their arms out to the side. Officers also require drivers to close their eyes and bring their finger to the base of their nose. Another test called the hand pat test requires drivers to extend their hand out in front, palm upwards and place their other hand on top of the first, palm downwards. The driver is then required to pat the lower hand with the upper hand while rotating it.

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