How Can Johnson Law Group Help Me with My Conspiracy Case?

A conspiracy can be formed a lot easier than one might think, and is not limited to only organized crime. Under Illinois law, criminal conspiracies can be formed when two or more people get together with a common scheme or purpose, and perform any act to further than purpose.

In general, criminal conspiracies in Illinois usually involve drug offenses. Take, for example, the person who transports drugs from one place to another. It might seem simple, but we have seen people charged with criminal conspiracies involving less. Unfortunately, it is too easy for a person to be charged with a criminal conspiracy involving some kind of criminal activity. When this happens, it is easy for the person who is charged, not to mention his or her loved ones, to feel as though all hope is lost. To think of facing all of the resources the prosecution has and the mere allegation of a conspiracy being so serious, many people lose hope.

However, it is important to keep certain important details in mind. To begin, just because the prosecution has charged someone does not mean that they can prove the case. Similarly, anyone charged with a crime is presumed to be innocent of it under our Constitution. Because of this, the best course of action when charged with a conspiracy offense is to hire a team of lawyers—a team who works together and keep in mind their focus: beating the case. This is where Johnson Law Group comes in.

Most so-called "dream teams" cost a fortune, as we all saw when O.J. Simpson was charged. However, we manage to work as a team while managing to be affordable at the same time. We do this a number of ways, among them working collaboratively together, while also working efficiently. By working together, we have been able to beat all kinds of criminal offenses, whether it be by having a trial or by convincing the prosecution to dismiss or amend a criminal offense.

Starting with the evidence is key to beating any criminal case, and the only right way—in our opinion—to review evidence is to put multiple pairs of eyes on it. By doing this, we make sure that details are not lost in the complexities of criminal law, and we make sure we catch things that could either help us suppress the evidence or beat a case at trial. Likewise, we have private investigators available at our disposal. Most lawyers and law firms have to wait for a private investigator to have time or make time in order to work on their case, whereas we have people available right now to help. The evidence they gather at the direction of our lawyers can make or break the rest of someone's life, not to mention the case itself, and that often helps translate into our clients going home with their families instead of going to prison. We are available 24 hours a day to help, and would be proud to work on your or your loved one's case.

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