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What to Do After an Arrest in Springfield

If you have been arrested in Springfield, IL, make it your next step to contact us at Johnson Law Group. In all likelihood, this is the first time that you have ever been involved in the criminal justice system, and you may not know what to expect next. The most important thing that you need to realize at this point is the fact that the police, investigators and prosecutors are not on your side.

No matter how friendly they may seem, you have to remember that their job is to solve crimes and convict the perpetrator. The reason they are talking to you is that they believe you are guilty. They would not have arrested you unless they believed that there was probable cause to suspect that you committed the crime and were confident that you could be convicted based on the evidence they have against you.

You may be encouraged to talk to investigators based on suggestions that by being cooperative, you will get a better outcome. Keep in mind that everything you say only helps the law enforcement officers in doing their job - to have you convicted. They are good enough at what they do, and you do not need to make their job easy by agreeing to discuss the case.

There is practically nothing you can say that will improve your chances of success in this situation, and an almost endless list of things you can say that will make it worse. Instead, plead the Fifth by exercising your right to remain silent, and contact us now. You are legally presumed innocent until proven guilty, and we make it our job to prevent our clients from being convicted.

Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

  • Drug Crimes - An arrest for a drug-related criminal offense can ruin your future, whether it is for simple possession of marijuana or for participation in an international drug trafficking organization. America's war on drugs has put so many people behind bars that the United States now has the world's largest prison population. Fortunately, it is possible to fight drug-related charges, even if you were caught with drugs on your person.
  • Driving Under the Influence / Driving While Intoxicated - Most people who have been arrested for drinking and driving make the enormous mistake of pleading guilty. After all, they were caught with a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit of 0.08 percent, they stumbled on the field sobriety test, or maybe they even admitted to having been drinking. Our criminal defense attorneys know the most effective strategies for defending against DUI charges, even in the face of such incriminating evidence.
  • Homicide - No crime is more serious than the crime of killing another human being, and if you have been accused of homicide, then your future is at stake. In some cases, the goal in defending against homicide charges is to have the charge reduced from murder to manslaughter. In other cases, it is possible to seek an acquittal or dismissal of the charges based on a lack of evidence or evidence that proves the defendant's innocence.
  • Pre-File Investigation - If you have learned that you are under investigation for a crime, do not wait another moment before contacting us for a confidential consultation. You may be under surveillance, and the things you say and do could end up being used as evidence against you in court. You might be contacted with a request to come in for an interview - actually an interrogation - and could be arrested without warning. Get our criminal defense lawyers involved as early as possible so that we can represent you with the authorities and guide you through this situation.
  • Sex Crimes - The consequences of being convicted for a sex crime extend far beyond the terms of a sentence that could include fines, time in prison and a lengthy probation. You would also most likely end up being ordered to register as a sex offender, meaning that you would be exposed to widespread stigma in the community. Your personal information would be included in a searchable online database, making it possible for anyone to find out the details about your conviction.
  • Violent Crimes - When the police arrive at the scene of a violent crime such as an assault, they often assume that the victim is the person with the worst wounds. In other cases, they make an arrest based on the testimony of the majority of witnesses present, or of the person who makes the most compelling case. The police often arrest the wrong person in a violent crime case, whether the suspect was acting in self-defense or has been targeted with false accusations or misidentified.
  • Weapons Charges - The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that the right to bear arms shall not be infringed. In today's legal climate, however, there are so many laws and regulations concerning the ownership, use, possession and transfer of firearms that it is easy to find yourself on the wrong side of the law. If you have been charged with a weapons offense, whether for a standalone offense or in relation to another crime, we can help you defend your rights.
  • White Collar Crimes - Make no mistake: The penalties that you could receive if convicted for a white collar crime are no less harsh than the sentence available for a violent crime or a serious drug offense. A white collar crime conviction can easily lead to enormous fines and civil penalties, as well as time in prison and a criminal record that could ruin your professional career. Let our criminal defense attorneys intervene and seek to defeat the charges and protect your future.

Let a Former Prosecutor Fight for You

The fact that our Springfield, IL criminal defense team includes several former prosecutors gives us a unique edge in handling cases for our clients. We have worked on both sides of the courtroom, so we have experience in handling cases from the viewpoint of both the state and the accused. Our prosecution background provides us with special training that is not available to attorneys who have only ever worked in private practice, and we know what types of strategies the prosecutor is likely to use in your case. Our criminal defense attorneys know how to look at your case from the prosecutor's point of view, and after comparing the state's evidence with what our client has told us, we can determine what the prosecutor knows - and doesn't know - about the case.

Armed with this understanding, we can go about preparing an effective strategy for defending our client. Our criminal defense lawyers seek to point out weaknesses or errors in the prosecutor's arguments, and we seek to defeat the charges in order to clear our client's name. Furthermore, we can often spot a case that is not likely to be a high priority for the State's Attorney's Office, and based on this knowledge, we may be able to negotiate for a favorable plea bargain or even a dismissal of the charges. If you fail to take action now, the prosecution will almost certainly move forward to a conviction. By hiring us, you may be able to avoid such a disastrous outcome.

Learn more about hiring us and contact us today to discuss your options with our criminal defense lawyers.

We Fight to Win, No Matter What Challenges Stand in Our Way

For the aggressive and skilled criminal defense lawyers in Springfield, IL, call our firm as soon as possible. Together, we can work towards a favorable case outcome, starting with a complimentary consultation regarding your particular case. We at Johnson Law Group can fight for you and your rights.

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