Drug Offenses

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  • People v. J.L Probation
  • People vs M.Y. No Jail
  • Drug Crimes State v. M.C.

    Sentence reduced from six years in prison to 180 days in jail

  • Drug Crimes State v. RN
  • Drug Crimes State v. SM
  • Drug Crimes State v. GS
  • State v. V.R. Case Dismissed
  • Drug Crimes STATE VS. AE
  • STATE V. CK Probation
  • State v. DL Our client received only 30 months probation

Central Illinois Drug Crime Lawyers

Illinois Drug Laws

It’s important that you understand what kind of penalties you are facing when charged with a drug crime. Drug offenses widely vary in severity, but even a misdemeanor conviction can carry long-term consequences. You will need help defending yourself from these penalties, and that’s where the dedicated Central Illinois drug crime attorneys of Johnson Law Group can help.

Bringing together over 100 years of experience, our team is uniquely equipped to handle drug crime offenses. Our attorneys work collaboratively, consulting each other on important cases, which means that our clients benefit from the experience, knowledge, and insight of several legal professionals. Our team includes several former prosecutors, who have an in-depth understanding of how these cases are built from the other side. This gives us an edge when crafting defense strategies.

If you have been charged with a drug offense, contact Johnson Law Group today at (309) 565-8825 to discuss your case with our Central Illinois drug crime lawyers.

Types of Drug Charges in IL

You can be charged with a drug offense for possessing, manufacturing, or selling illicit substances. You can even be charged just for owning drug paraphernalia, such as beakers and scales. All of these charges are serious and handled differently by prosecutors.

You could be charged with the following drug crimes:

  • Drug Possession – This offense applies to anyone who is in possession of illicit substances. The severity of the charge depends on the amount held and the type of substance.
  • Drug Trafficking – This is the crime of transporting illegal substances into the state for the purposes of manufacturing and/or selling drugs. Once again, the severity of the charges will depend on the amount and type of drug involved.
  • Drug Manufacturing – Creating illegal drugs is a very serious charge. There are five “schedules” of drugs, with schedule 1 being the most serious and 5 being the least. Individuals charged with manufacturing schedule 1 drugs face the most severe penalties.
  • Drug Distribution – Selling or distributing drugs is something law enforcement takes very seriously. Proving someone is distributing drugs rather than just possessing them usually requires eye-witness testimony.

There is much you will need to discuss with your attorney after being arrested for one of the above crimes. Rest assured, no matter how bad the situation may seem there is more to your case than meets the eye. Even if a complete dismissal of charges isn’t possible, reducing the charges can often be accomplished. It all depends on your situation and the skill of the team protecting your interests.

Johnson Law Group also represents clients throughout several counties in Illinois including Tazewell, Woodford, Piatt, Livingston, DeWitt, Logan, and Ford.

Call (309) 565-8825 to schedule a free consultation with a dedicated team of drug crime lawyers in Central Illinois.

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