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White collar crimes do not receive the same media attention as murders, rapes, or other violent crimes; however, a conviction for a white collar crime can be just as devastating. Should you be convicted of a white collar crime, it can have a significant negative impact on your personal, financial, and professional future. If you are facing white collar charges throughout central Illinois, speak with an experienced white collar crime defense lawyers as soon as possible.

Depending on your specific charge and who conducted the investigation, you may be charged in either state or federal court. At Johnson Law Group, our Bloomington, IL white collar defense attorneys have significant experience defending clients in both. At the federal level, we can begin defending your rights as soon as you believe you are under investigation, possibly preventing criminal charges from ever being filed. We are committed to providing the best defense possible and will do everything we can to obtain a dismissal of your charges or a not guilty verdict.

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Convictions for white collar crimes can include significant fines, loss of a professional license, extended prison time, and much more. You cannot afford to go into negotiations or trial without an experienced attorney to advocate on your behalf - too much is at stake.

Our attorneys are ready to help you protect your future regarding a wide range of white collar criminal issues, including:

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