Sex Offenses

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Central Illinois Sex Crime Lawyers

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Sex offenses are serious allegations that can tarnish your reputation before the legal proceedings even begin. If you have been accused of one of these crimes, you are likely already experiencing some of the fallout. The good news is that you are not helpless in this situation. Your job now is to work with someone who is committed to protecting your rights, reputation, and best interests.

At Johnson Law Group, our trusted sex crime defense attorneys in Central Illinois work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome for these sensitive cases. Our firm brings together 100 years of combined experience, and our lawyers work as a team so that clients gain the full benefit of that knowledge. Several members of our team are former prosecutors who understand how these cases are built from the other side.

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Challenging the Evidence

Illinois does not take sex offenses lightly. Due to the serious nature of the charges, they are investigated thoroughly. This also means that substantial evidence needs to be gathered to prove the offense occurred. You and your attorney will need to carefully review the evidence and find the weak points that can be challenged.

Defending yourself from a sex offense charge may involve:

  • Challenging false witness testimony
  • Verifying forensic and DNA testing
  • Challenging the prosecution for creating misleading witness interviews
  • Examining the possibility of mistaken identity
  • Ensuring racial, economic, or political bias did not play a role in the arrest

Sex Offender Registration in Illinois

Sex crimes can include molestation, prostitution, sexual assault, rape, illegal pornography, and more. In addition to fines and a prison sentence, Illinois requires convicted defendants to register as sex offenders for at least 10 years following their release from prison or probation. Many consider this to be the most serious penalty due to the limitations it places on your employment and housing opportunities.

According to the Illinois Compiled Statutes, the Illinois State Police are required to maintain a statewide sex offender database that is accessible on the internet. This database identifies all people that have been convicted of certain sex offenses and crimes against children.

Defendants are required to register as sex offenders if they have been convicted for the commission of the offense or for the attempt to commit an offense. Individuals are also required to register as a sex offender if they are found not guilty by reason of insanity of either committing the offense or attempting to commit the offense. Also, individuals must register if their case does not result in an acquittal at a hearing for the offense.

The Illinois State Police Department says that that the database was created to facilitate access to publicly available information about persons that have been convicted of serious sex offenses. The ISP updates the registry regularly but warns that the information does not depict registered offenders as currently dangerous.

Our dedicated sex crime lawyers in Central Illinois keep clients off of this registry whenever possible. Even in situations where a defendant has committed a crime, it may be possible to declassify the charge as a sex offense. Protecting our clients' futures is our priority, and we work closely with them to secure the best possible outcome.

Johnson Law Group also represents clients throughout several counties in Illinois including Tazewell, Woodford, Piatt, Livingston, DeWitt, Logan, and Ford.

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