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Alcohol and keys before a DUI arrest

Arrested for DUI in Illinois? Allow our aggressive and experienced Bloomington criminal defense attorneys at Johnson Law Group to work for you. DUI and major traffic violations can lead to loss of your driver's license, fines, and possibly jail time.

These are charges not to be taken lightly. Contact our Normal & Bloomington DUI lawyers immediately to allow yourself a strong opportunity to defend against the charges brought against you.

How To Defend Against Your DUI

There are defenses and ways to fight DUI charges. If field sobriety tests or preliminary breath tests (PBT) were administered roadside, we can challenge the validity and accuracy of the Breathalyzer tests. We will also challenge whether the traffic stop and law enforcement behavior were legal and whether your constitutional rights were protected. We can protect your driving privileges by helping you avoid suspension of your driver's license.

Penalties for a DUI Conviction

In Illinois, you can be charged with drunk driving if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is above .08% or if you are found to be an impaired driver under the influence of alcohol.

A conviction for a DUI can have a significant impact on your life, such as the following penalties:

  • Losing your driver's license
  • Jeopardizing future housing and employment
  • Heavy fines
  • Jail or prison sentence
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device

Multiple convictions for DUI, or felony DUI, have even greater consequences.

Schedule your free consultation with our Normal, IL DUI attorneys today!

You want to have an attorney represent you when the stakes are high. You risk losing your driver's license or facing jail time. Our criminal defense lawyers can look at the charges and help negotiate plea arrangements that can lessen the impact on you and may only restrict your driving privileges instead of suspending them outright. Most of us need to drive to work, school, and other important events, and a loss of driving privileges will take away your freedom of mobility. We can also seek driver's license reinstatement whether you've been arrested in Bloomington, Normal, or a surrounding area.


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