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Criminal charges are not always filed immediately. In many cases, law enforcement officials conduct an investigation first. Sometimes this investigation involves the officers coming to your door and speaking with you about allegations of an assault or another crime. Other times, the investigation is much more thorough, particularly in cases involving sex crimes or white collar crimes.

If you believe you are under investigation, you are not required to cooperate with law enforcement and answer their questions. In fact, officers are trained to get you to waive your rights and incriminate yourself. It is often better not to work with them directly. Instead, you can enlist an experienced Bloomington, IL criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. At Johnson Law Group, our attorneys will start fighting immediately to prevent charges from being filed against you.

What does pre-file investigation mean?

Pre-file investigation is a unique service offered by our law firm. Our willingness to begin even before a criminal charge has been filed is an example of our commitment to aggressive representation; our commitment to the best possible outcome.

Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined legal experience, not only in criminal defense, but in prosecution and law enforcement. We know how law enforcement officers conduct investigations and how prosecutors build cases. We have been on the inside, so we know how to work with our opponents in order to achieve a positive outcome.

By conducting a pre-file investigation, we may be able to:

  • Prevent filing of criminal charges
  • Divert criminal allegations into an informal resolution
  • Reduce criminal charges
  • Assist with surrender and avoid arrest

Our track record of success is evidence of our commitment to our clients. In one case, we represented a person being investigated for multiple instances of credit card fraud and identity theft. We conducted a pre-file investigation. We worked with bank officials and law enforcement officers. Eventually, our lawyers convinced the prosecutor not to file charges.

Financial Benefits

Obviously, our pre-file investigation services make sense in terms of the results they can provide. They also make sense financially. If successful, you avoid the cost of full-on criminal defense and trial representation. In addition, we offer these services on a flat fee basis. You pay us once, up front. If we are not successful, this fee goes toward your defense costs.

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