Johnson Law Group Defends Client in Reduced State DUI Charge Case

A client dissatisfied with her former attorney hired us to represent her at her sentencing for a DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. This client was worried she would go to jail and lose her license because she was involved in an accident, that she fled, and when she was arrested had a blood alcohol content of .402. We went to work for her straight away. We gave her the advice she needed to arm herself for battle at the sentencing. We put together a dynamite case for her that outlined who she was before the arrest and what she had done with her life since the arrest.

We argued passionately on her behalf, that the night of her DUI did not define who she was as a person and that given her outstanding history and what she had achieved since that night she deserved a second chance, she deserved another chance for being a good person. The State argued that she should serve jail and lose her license for what happened that night. The judge, after commenting that the blood alcohol content was the highest he had seen in his 30 plus year career as an attorney and a judge, stated that normally someone in our client's position would go directly to jail and have their license revoked but the judge saw our client as different and not only did we keep her out of jail, she was able to keep her license and placed on court supervision. JLG will always fight passionately for our clients no matter the circumstance.

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