Johnson Law Group Client Found Not Guilty of University Sexual Assault Charges

This was a long exhaustive case that reminds us why we do what we do and how false allegations can ruin someone's life. Our client was a Senior at a local university and was accused by a classmate of sexual assault after a party they had both attended. Our client was pulled out of class and given no presumption of innocence by the university or investigators whatsoever. JLG was retained immediately and promptly started working with our client to exonerate him. Within hours of being contacted by the police, we had a meeting with Detectives in our office supplying them text messages from the "alleged" victim and how that completely undermined the allegations made against our client.

Now for the result. The State decided not to pursue charges against our client. Though our client was not charged, the university still decided to issue a No Trespass/No Contact order on the campus. JLG defended our client all the way through the hearings at the University as we quickly learned that Title IX procedures are completely one sided. In the end, our client was found not to have committed any violations of student conduct and was allowed to return to school. Sadly, our client who was pursuing a career in law enforcement and had his reputation destroyed, elected not to return.

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