Seeking Information in the Gregory Houser Case

The Johnson Law Group is seeking any information from the public in a 1990 Piatt County case in which our client, Gregory Houser is currently charged with four counts of murder in the death of his then-wife, Sheryl Houser.

Sheryl Houser was found deceased at her residence in Mahomet, IL in her garage on October 5th, 1990. She was found in the center of the garage, her shoulders suspended off the floor by a yellow rope wrapped tightly three times around her neck. The other end was tied to a pipe on the ceiling. A Piatt County coroner's jury at the time could not decide whether it was suicide or homicide so the official manner of death was declared "undetermined." Over 25 years later in July 2016, a 2nd coroner's inquest ruled Sheryl Houser's death a homicide. A couple months later, our client Gregory Houser, was charged with her murder.

“The evidence is decades old. This was originally a case in which the death was undetermined. Why is it good evidence today? What changed? There were other states attorneys, who had this case who didn't file a charge given the same evidence. There are other investigators who had the same evidence, who didn't make an arrest or accuse Gregory of murder in the case. Because the evidence simply isn't sufficient even for probable cause." JLG Lead Attorney Kevin Sanborn

Over the years, some witnesses in this case may have moved away or are now deceased. If you have any information or tips regarding this case, please contact our office @ (309) 565-8825 or email If you wish to remain anonymous, you can send a message here.

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