Fake IDs: What You Should Know

Identification is a crucial part of life in American society. An ID can give you the power to drive, drink, purchase a plane ticket, or open a credit card account. However, for those who are unable to get an ID or are too young to reap the benefits, a fake or fraudulent ID card may seem like a short cut. Keep reading to find out more about fake IDs.

Fraudulent Activity

Existing ID cards can be used fraudulently. If a person lends their card or information to someone else for any reason, they could be charged with fraudulent ID activity. Essentially, this act involves using falsified information to obtain goods, services, rights, or privileges that would otherwise be unavailable to the person accused of the crime.

Fraudulent driver’s license activity is the most common and may involve:

  • Loaning a driver’s license to another person
  • Using fake IDs
  • Using another person’s license
  • Coercing someone into creating or lending their ID to you
  • Knowingly providing false information to obtain a driver’s license

It is important to note that fraud is a crime and falsifying identification can be as serious as a felony depending on the circumstances.

Fake IDs and Real Punishment

The punishment for using a fake ID in Illinois is at least a one-year license suspension or revocation for repeat offenders. For large-scale fraud, the punishment may be more severe. Possession of a stolen or fraudulent license is a felony punishable by fines and up to three years in prison.


For some, using a fake or false ID is a seemingly harmless way to benefit from the system. However, falsifying identity information is a serious offense and those attempting to use fraudulent identification could face serious penalties.

If you have been accused of using, soliciting, or giving your existing ID to another person or group, contact Johnson Law Group immediately.

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