Illinois Laws Going into Effect in 2023

There are several important laws going into effect in 2023 that impact many aspects of the criminal justice system. Keep reading for more information.


One of the most wide ranging and publicized pieces of legislation to take affect in 2023 is the SAFE-T Act. The Safety, Accountability, Fairness, and Equality-Today Act is a criminal justice reform and victim support law that establishes structures for protection from excessive force, officer training, and public safety. As a part of the Act, police must provide aid after using force and actively intervene if their partner or another officer uses excessive force during an arrest.

The SAFE-T Act also seeks to end cash bail and change the offense classification for violations of pretrial release. Additionally, the definitions of “habitual criminal” and first-degree murder will be amended to reflect the other amendments introduced in the law.

Senate Bill 2109

This bill will require that school board members receive trauma training. The goal of Senate Bill 2109 is to ensure that school boards are prepared to recognize and handle student cases involving trauma in connection with ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, identity, and other protected qualities. Training will be administered under the Illinois School Code and the State Board of Education.


The CROWN Act defines restrictions or commentary on Black women with natural hair as illegal discrimination. Prior to this law, there was no specific language in reference to ethnic hairstyles. A study found that Black and African American women are less likely to be hired for employment than their white female counterparts.

Amendment 1 or the Worker’s Rights Amendment

In an effort to curb employee exploitation Illinois lawmakers have passed an amendment to the state constitution that would give individuals the right to collectively bargain and join unions. Over the years, collective bargaining has been the subject of countless lawsuits and fraud accusations for businesses and employees. With this measure, the law is clearer about what action can be taken in court related to worker’s rights.

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