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In many cases, not having a driver's license means not being able to get to work or church, or to pick up your children at school. Our aggressive and experienced Bloomington, IL DUI lawyers at Johnson Law Group are focused on helping clients who have lost their license because of DUI charges or other major traffic violations seek reinstatement.

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Under Illinois law, drivers whose licenses have been revoked or suspended are required to petition the secretary of state for a reinstatement hearing. Attending such an administrative hearing without representation can lead to denial of your petition and make it more difficult to get your license reinstated at future hearings.

The path to successful driver's license reinstatement depends on the circumstances leading to the loss of license or privileges, in addition to other factors, which may include:

  • Outstanding fines
  • Prior drunk driving convictions
  • Failure to complete mandatory DUI treatment
  • Failure to receive a DUI assessment with an Illinois licensed provider
  • Failure to provide proof of abstinence from alcohol for 11 months prior to the hearing
  • Convictions for other serious crimes or failure to appear on your record

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Regardless of your unique situation, our experienced criminal defense attorneys will work with you to identify and resolve the specific issues standing between you and your driver's license, making sure the strongest possible case is presented for reinstatement. If successful, you will receive a restricted driving permit and become eligible for complete reinstatement after 11 months. If you have been convicted of more than one DUI or other serious driving offense, the time frame is extended; excessive convictions may result in permanent loss of your driver's license.

We understand how important your driver's license is to your everyday life. If reinstatement is denied or if you have not yet completed the requirements for reinstatement, we will aggressively seek a hardship license, such as a work permit, on your behalf.

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