Police Error Violates Constitution, Drug Bust Evidence Inadmissible

Johnson Law Group Bloomington drug crime attorneys are handling a news-catching drug crime case out of Decatur. Our client, Keith Halliburton, was arrested after the police placed a tracking device inside a parcel, which contained pounds of cannabis, he picked up from the Post Office. When Halliburton opened the package, it would trigger an anticipatory search warrant that would allow officers to search and seize his property.

However, Halliburton never did open the package but was arrested all the same. We argued to a Macon County Circuit Court judge that the haste of the police force ignored the warrant’s conditions and violated our client’s Fourth Amendment rights, which protect him from unreasonable searches and seizures. The judge agreed and deemed all evidence collected through the police’s efforts to be completely inadmissible in any criminal cases. At this point, the prosecution is left with nothing to use against our client, so we expect the charges to be dropped entirely.

The prosecution could still move for an appeal, though. Our drug crime attorneys in Bloomington IL are ready to continue to fight for our client’s rights if that is the case.

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