Domestic Violence

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  • State v. KE Not Guilty of Aggravated Battery
  • State v. J.S. Not Guilty
  • State v. JB Amended the felony to a Class A battery offense
  • State v. M.F. Charges Filed But Later Dismissed
  • STATE V. DM Court supervision and court costs only, no fine
  • State v. T.E. Charges Filed But Later Dismissed
  • People vs. J.A. Prison Term Avoided

Peoria Domestic Violence Lawyer

Defense for Domestic Violence Charges in Central IL

Domestic violence—in all its forms—is a serious charge. As a violent crime, a conviction of domestic violence could lead to consequences that will negatively impact the rest of your life. From jail time to expensive fines to forfeiture of certain rights, it is not an accusation to be taken lightly.

Allegations of domestic violence often include abuse in the forms of:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Assault and battery
  • Threats of violent retaliation
  • Kidnapping and illegal confinement
  • Intentional emotional mistreatment
  • Harassment and coercion

Defend Your Future with Confidence

If you have been arrested or received a restraining order as the result of domestic violence allegations, a dedicated Peoria domestic violence attorney from Johnson Law Group can provide you with an aggressive defense. We want you to feel like you can rely on our services, regardless of the severity of your case. We are committed to shielding our clients from false accusations and needlessly excessive sentences.

Domestic violence charges can be punished with strict penalties, including:

  • Jail time
  • Loss of child custody
  • Punitive and nominal fines

Just because you experienced a family or household altercation does not make you guilty of a crime. In our years of experience defending the criminally accused, we have discovered that many domestic violence cases involve a heated argument and nothing else. Whether through dishonesty or delusions, accusers create untruthful claims that they had been injured or threatened when no such thing ever occurred. It is important to seek legal recourse as soon as you are made aware of domestic violence charges against you or else the entire matter could spiral out of control.

Put over 100 years of legal experience on your side!

Do not allow domestic violence charges to damage your future through time spent locked behind bars and thousands of dollars lost in fines and penalties. Our team of Peoria domestic violence attorneys are here to protect you and your rights—you need only speak to one of our many skilled professionals. With over 100 years of collective experience in criminal defense, you can be sure that your future is in good hands.

Contact us today to begin fighting back against harmful domestic abuse accusations!

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