Changes Coming to Consecutive DUI Law in Illinois

Illinois State law automatically places a permanent revocation on the driver's license of anyone convicted of a fourth driving under the influence (DUI) charge. At least, that is what the law will do up until 2016 when a big change to the legislation takes effect. Governor Rauner recently signed a bill that would allow those who had indefinitely lost their driving privileges to get behind the wheel again, with some conditions applied.

How DUI Offenders Could Drive Again

Firstly, the individual would need to use solid evidence to show that they had made efforts to "turn their life around," or break their use of alcohol or drugs. Affidavits or official paperwork – perhaps through Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) – would be required to show that they had not used either substance within the last three consecutive years.

Secondly, a breath-alcohol ignition interlock device – usually called an IID – would need to be installed on their vehicle. These devices do not allow a car to start without the driver first passing a breathalyzer test. They are also usually taxed monthly against the driver, providing some revenue to the state per driver.

Lastly, they would not necessarily be reinstating their driver's licenses. Instead, they would be granted a restricted, or hardship, license. Driving anywhere at any time for any purpose outside the definitions of the restricted license would be illegal. Violating the restricted license regulations, or being convicted for another DUI, would once again permanently revoke the user's license.

Will this plan help repeat DUI offenders put their lives back in order? Or will it pose a significant threat to other motorists in Illinois? Only time can tell.

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